Maria Doychinova- Petroleum Collection

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There's a smatter of creative designer's, had it not been for this blog I never would have discovered and heard about. And one of my most preferred methods of communication is via email. I'm always delighted to receive an email from exciting new to veteran designers. Maria Doychinova is one of the distinctive few whom I remember hearing from and recalling how fascinating her collection ( "In Comment"- clickity to see her earlier collection) was and overall being pleased she kept in contact.

For those of you who don't recall, Maria Doychinova, is a Vienna based designer and Native Bulgarian, who has gained valuable skills working with Roland Mouret and Hussein Chalayan before founding her own label named DOYCHINOFF in 2006. Maria's latest collection called "Petroleum", unsurprisingly has a fascinating concept behind the innovative material clothing..

Maria says "Are all forms of modern technologies actually petroleum products? The question is not meant to be answered, but to make you think about the modern world surrounding us and the petroleum dependence level in our life. Who we are and the way we look is a result of the use of the “black gold” and its technology, so you may say modern look and fashion exists because of it.

For the first time, according with that concept, some of the fabrics were used are directly product of the petroleum modern technology. "Leather imitations, so soft and friendly to the skin and human body, which you wouldn't think is synthetic. Or polyester and polyamide based materials with the qualities of silk and cotton." This can be shown and reflected throughout these images below.

Maria used a very special laser technology to cut out car tire patterns in the leather which should remind of the most popular petroleum product – the automotive industry. The photo -shooting of the Collection took place at the very big and modern OMV Refinery near Vienna.

Her collections will surely please those you appreciate experimentation and originating materials that can be utilised of in the impending future.