Feel Good Treats- Misguided Splash Nails

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The narrative moves rather sluggishly, that narrative being moi over the past two weeks. I've never really shared with you my enthusiasm towards organic health products. Sadly my enthusiasm for such items is not shared by my purse strings. Buying organic chemical free items is time consuming and pricey, so I always look to what I have in the fridge and kitchen, items such as honey, ginger, lemon and tumeric for home-made concoctions. The only problem is, it can sometimes get messy and whoever is in the kitchen is normally shoving me out of the way to make room to bake.

Trying on the MissChievous Vibrant Coral

I've been known to have ample's of enthusiasm for creating my own pharmacon lair in the home, until the daily grind digs in and its tick tock, and it has been this way since I fell stagnant and so I've decided to take things one footprint slower and treat myself inside and out, with some wheat-grass and krill oil and some good old home-cooking, banning any ready meals and feeding some massage oils for the skin. And perfect timing! I was entreated by Misguided womens fashion, to try out their new nail polish range called 'Misguided Splash', and it positively helps to feel good on the inside if you feel good on the outside


But do you know what I was mostly satisfied about? was that these nail polish range are all Formaldehyde and Toluene free! Formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat and may also cause asthma, and so it has none of those toxic element's, proving to be a good pick me up to banish my blues. Here's hoping more beauty industries take the same initiative.