Elena Burenina Spring Summer Collection 2011

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This weird and wonderful collection by Elena Burenina is apt for the looming Hallows Eve and fright night 2010. But beyond its eccentric kooky styled collection is a insightful deeply perceptive view on the current development of up-to-date biotechnologies, cloning and genetically modified world, where the creator of this collection Elena feels, "over-optimistic futurologists believe that growing a new human being or a human organ will soon be as easy as farming carrots".

I got to admit what I find pretty spooky is the thought of munching on food and milk that is from cloned animal offspring. Apparently the EU are seriously currently considering this, which I strongly oppose. Right then, moving on swiftly before it starts turning into some agricultural farming post. *-*

This edgy collection was shown during the Ukraine S/S Fashion Week 2011, and this post is supported by online jewelry collection. To see more from this collection you can delve further for some more.

to grow a new liver

to grow a new hand

to put a glove on it

to meet challenge the bitter end

as the new hand feels awkward

and even sometimes uncomfortable

when sticking out naked behind the back