Rafael Nadal Career Grand Slam

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Nadal wins U.S Open -Hurricane Rafa swept New York with gusty winds reaching 132 miles per hour.

I felt more alive than ever watching tennis last night, for those of you, who may or may not know, I've been following tennis since I was a young girl and have travelled to watch some tense thrilling live matches as a spectator and as a Rafa Nadal fan. I've always revelled in watching tennis, but I never really adamantly followed any one particular tennis player, until Nadal arrived onto the tennis arena. For this hyena tennis has never been the same since!

From watching Rafa win his first ever French Open to sealing a career grand slam has been an unbelievable odyssey. particularly when just last year after suffering a devastating injury, then having the courage to fight through the agony, the personal heartache, the despair, the pain to find his way back, when many others had written him off as done and dusted. Unbelievably proud!...for all of the work, all of the humble strides for improvement, for all the trials and pain he has been through to get here. Yet he's still the same humble endearing guy.

♥ A Great Champion.. Great Athlete..Great Person..