Skull + Beads + Bangles

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I have always had an over-active imagination (fertile imagination), it probably reflects in my dreams and nightmares. I've come across many tasty items which have a skull attached to it and for some reason I've always associated skulls with the Masonic cult rituals and the darkness, having seen skulls in so many places, I've started to feel desensitized around them. Consequently my sister and I came across a newly opened store which had many tasty leather skull embellished handbags.

thus I decided to seize the opportunity to buy these handbags, my sister brought one and I brought the other so we can swap and share any-time. I do have a weakness for soft leather handbags and we were also fortunate on getting one of the handbags half price due to the staff weren't too sure of the prices...hooray!

I took some snaps of my sister Ju Ju Hyena! and if have a closer look you can probably see the beer garden, which we made plenty of use of for The World Cup with the England flag still left standing.. It's a well known tradition in England, that No One flies and displays their national England flag, many countries are naturally patriotic, but not England, unless when the football World Cup arrives, flags are everywhere to be seen however as soon as we are knocked out, everyone takes them down. Although I have yet to take ours down haha largely due to lethargy.


Accessory designer, Sophie Levy, the brand called LES BIJOUX DE SOPHIE, creating feminine and beautiful accessories, creating a skull motif.

So no more Skull Sensitive, Before I wish you all a great weekend, via spreading the news of my Giveaway I came across so many funkdafied blogs, there's so many creative bloggers out there, that I will try to share these with you. Mucho Mucho thank you for stopping by here and leaving your comments. It's always appreciated even though I don't say this often.