Ring Side Armor

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I feel like a child in a sweet shop or toy shop when I see this armor ring, mainly because this ring has a toy-like quirky demeanour, it would seem of late I really feel compelled towards quirky looking fun items, I was just saying the other day to my besties - "I think I'm having a quarter life crisis" haha my pearls have temporarily gone back to the draw for now! >>>These rings can only be purchased in Asia such as the Rowky Eshop. 


My first thought when seeing these T-Shirts that they're quite cleverly done - with the two gloved fists positioned on each arm, but what I liked most about it was the name given to the T-Shirts which are called "T-Shirt for Bullies". Instead of the T-Shirt providing a brutish hard look, alternatively it's more of a self defence stance, and so it should be! :) after-all any form of boxing, martial arts should always be a codified practise of self defence and self preservation of life...and hmmmm I think I've immersed myself with too much of Jackie Chan & Mr Miyagi style wisdom after watching the new Karate Kid last night!?! Which I didn't have much confidence for since the original Karate Kid is an ultra cult classic but I though the remake was still worth a watch. 

I can assume Males would need plenty of self- confidence to wear these T-shirts, but I don't think it should matter. The design of these T-Shirts have been created in the city of Moscow Russia by the name of Banzainer.  

More info will be provided next week until then folks have a Enjoyable Weekend & THE World Cup Final this Weekend Good Luck Spain vs Holland...I'm just hoping for a thrilling final and a thrilling end to the World Cup in South Africa.