Crayon Rings

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The inner child in me would still like to pick up some waxy crayons and colour some flowers trees and horses and bees. But it would have never occurred to me that they would come in form of a ring. If unlike this hyena, the voice of your inner child is silent, wouldn't these make a perfect goodie for the young toddlers, if considering they are affirmly able to stick to only doodling on paper.

These creations are designed by Timothy Liles and feels

 "the Crayon Rings have proven to be a product with true mass appeal. They seem to hit a nostalgic and happy spot for so many different types of people, and that makes me happy."

The product has taken off and is sold in shops, museums, and galleries all over the world such as the Future Perfect in Brooklyn, the Tate Gallery in London, Oye Modern in Australia, The Norweigan Centre for Design and Architecture in Oslo, Handmade in Switzerland, the list goes on.