2010 World Cup Winner España

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I wont lie, I have a slightly sore head from yesterdays WC final, which is not a wise considering I have my sisters graduation to celebrate tomorrow! (very muy proud of her) I was rooting for Spain, largely due to many of their players have played for

Liverpool Football Club and are currently playing for us, with the likes of Torres And Pepe Reina. Although I support England, my loyalties have always largely been Club before Country, this was tough seeing as Dirk Kuyt who was on the Netherlands side, also plays for Liverpool as well, and I also did not want to see him on the losing side. The final itself was abit of let down and not a thrilling affair sadly.

Que grande España!?!!?!

Not so much! Spain had scored only eight goals in seven matches, winning each of their four knock-out stage games by a score of 1-0 and setting a new record for the fewest tallies ever by a winner. I think this fact culminated this World Cup overall, football and goal's wise this World Cup has not lived up to past others and wont be as memorable, however South Africans can be proud of themselves after the country staged a successful World Cup tournament, never before have I seen so many Africans, of all colours, united as a continent watching not just South Africa but the event itself. 

My lasting memory of this World Cup will be the Vuvuzela's, the jabulani ball and Paul the psychic Octopus, whom correctly predicted the results of the seven matches that Germany were involved in: five victories against Australia, Ghana, England, Argentina and Uruguay plus defeats to Serbia and Spain, and the final itself. 

Countdown now to The World Cup in Brazil where the 2014 event will be staged. Four years seems so long away, makes me wonder what life will bring till then.

LIVERPOOL'S - PEPE REINA LEADING THE CELEBRATIONS Got to love the fella! Pepe Reina - The IPOD in one hand and the drink in the other.