Sequins & Sou Brette Jewellery

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This isnt a peculiar rewind time warp thing, I'm taking a revisit back to a post I wrote on Sou Brette Jewellery, what I forgot to mention was a few weeks ago I jumped the broom and decided to gather some of my hyena pennies and spend it on, one of these tasty Puramis Choker's with the central pyramid. The key word for buying this Choker was 'It's an INVESTMENT' that was what I kept telling myself in order to relieve any doubt.

By mere coincidence a few days later whilst I was riffling though several on-line stores, I came across the Kenya Dress at Monsoon, which had an all over sequin look and beading, and what sealed the deal, was the sequin beading on the back end of the dress. Furthermore I decided to wear it at a family wedding and amalgamate it with an Asian fusion, since Asian weddings are all about sparkly vibrant visage.  

And so I've decided to take the plunge and share a photo a lovely friend took of the Sou Brette choker I wore at the occasion, standing with one of my confidants- my sister, who is very reluctant like myself to share any photo's with others as being very private people that we are and frankly I'm more comfortable behind the camera, because a lense whatever sized pointed in my direction makes me break into gawkiness and it's officially named by my family & friends my 'leather mode'  -hahaha

Wearing- Kenya Monsoon Dress, Sou Brette Puramis Black Smoke Choker, ASOS Grecian Style Leaf Crown 3 Strand Headband with diamanté detail, Black Sequin Legging

The longest Tennis Match in History at Wimbledon & a slightly scary match by Rafa Nadal and a furthermore nerve racking football match by England has kept me on tenterhook's this week along with deciding to take Golf Lessons which I candidly decided to take so I can enjoy the open fresh air and greenery whilst occasionally veering the Golf Buggy all over the vicinity. 

A phrase that sums up my Golfing calibre - Caddy Do you think my game is improving? 

Oh yes, Madam You miss the ball much closer than you used to- So it's no Golf for me for this Weekend I think I'll stick to continue watching sport than having a slipshod attempt at playing. Have A Great Weekend All..