Givenchy Resort 2010 • EOS Mix Tape Watch

Guilty Hyena6 Comments


I'm rarely into Resort Collections, but Givenchy's resort 2010 collection have actually some pieces I would easily wear on a resort, maybe not the second image above the beautiful white and red striped floor length dress on the right, provides a chic bohemian vibe, taking me back to an ensemble my mother use to wear when I was a child, it would be something I would love to recreate from the high street, although a near impossible task. On an added note the red and white colours are reminding me of a bowl of Strawberry's and cream essential for watching the Wimbledon tennis tournament which started today in dramatic fashion, for those of you who watch it you'll know why.


These see through frocks would be perfect for cruise wear or for the beach, but why is it that I would feel far more naked and bare wearing the above, than I would when just wearing a bikini only?? - I could do with going to the beach! Lounging in the sun in my garden will have to do for now. I have left the next two months free to watch the World Cup and Wimbledon at home, so my bikini will firmly stay in its draw for now. Cant really complain...


Taking retro to another level, EOS takes the concept of the original mixtape and turns it into a fresh timepiece, On the dial is two movable discs which turn like a real cassette tape. An orange marker is present so you know what time it is. These can be found at EOS NEW York