Snack on Paani Puri Clothing

Guilty Hyena3 Comments

If any of you have ever foraged into the Indian Subcontinent and have felt starving marving and encounter one of the street vendors out of many, you would most likely catch the popular street snack called Paani Puri, being cooked in alls its savoir-faire. I think there's no one in the Indian Subcontinent who wouldn't recognise a Panni Puri, when they see one! That is probably why at 5:30am Rish Oberoi was watching Batman The Dark Knight, but could only think to himself, "

how amazing would Paani Puri be right now? "While sitting there in a daze, hoping to somehow find Paani Puri around his house, he began to think how funny, no, how CRAZY!! it would be if “The Joker” was eating Paani Puri

This thought stuck in his mind, and that very same day he went through his phone book to call anyone who could create this image. And EUREKA! He found her! Wait Wait, before we go on, her name is actually EUREKA! (this is the most serious part of the story and not a joke….). That’s how Paani Puri clothing line begun, simply a joke made into a reality.

” I think that's what I'd call Carpe Diem. 

TEES Containing glimpses of PAANI PURI Stocking at SoBo(Hughes Rd) and Attic(Bandra) and via online