Reebok Easytone Trainers Trial

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I was able to fleetly grab a friends camera to take a quick snap of my REEBOK EASYTONE'S which was long overdue, in order to share my Reebok Easytone Trial with you folks, that commenced over two months ago. Brief update for those of you who don't know, I received a charming surprise through my inbox, inviting me to trial the new Reebok Easy tone trainers along with receiving a few Reebok goodies. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to evaluate these trainers and to get down to really exploring whether these Reebok Easytone's developed for toning the glutes and legs whilst walking veritably 'Walk the Walk'! excuse the pun.

If you get to know me, It's a thumbs down to the gym, the odd moment I've been determined to tone up and visit the gym, I end up feeling like a guinea pig rotating on the wheels of the gym machines. The only natural way I can tone up my legs is by running and walking, (have I mentioned I dislike running too haha) the only running, I can muster is either if someone is chasing me or by playing sports! This was why receiving the Easytone Trainers was an idealistic way of making the most of the situation and getting my glad-rags on by instantly trailing out on walks near the canal side and hills.

One of the element's I was cautious about was, I have never really been an apostle of trainers, only because I've brought an odd pair or two trainers purely based on the aesthetic factor, I confess! I was attracted and lured by the designer trainer. The only problem was, I suffer from flat feet which put a strain on my muscles and sent waves up to the ligaments, whenever I wore flat trainers. The only trainers I was snug in were boxing trainers. But I don't hardly wear them any more.

When I battened on the Easytones, my concern was allayed by past problems and the EasyT's provided a bouncy spring every time I took a step forward, like you probably do when you're having a good hair day or something. In all honestly not only do I care about the comfortability factor, I needed to know whether they work and tone the glutes and legs, and after wearing them for over the past two months, I can noticeably say, I can feel them working the legs and glutes by the pull and burn sensation experienced. If I'm honest, the Easytones are not some magic potion for the legs, but naturally getting in plenty of walking in this nice weather, is giving me a more greater esteem about my legs and glutes, and I would positively say its not a placebo, seeing as it straightens my posture and propels my walking steps.

If you're further curious about the Easytones, have a meander at the Reetalk Toning community, where I and many fellow bloggers, are trialling these shoes and providing feedback. I will be sure to post some more pics of the shoes once my DSLR is fully functioning.