RAFW 10 • Therese Rawsthorne • Romance was Born • Ksubi SS 10/11

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I have been shirking the past few runway shows, thinking over time I will gradually post bits and bobs of some of the latest Spring and Summer collections in small doses, however I quickly came to the conclusion If I am not going to post it now, I never will - not the best of mentality I know, so I had skimmed through some of the RAFW Rosemary Australian Fashion Week collection's over the past few weeks and decided to post some of the collections present below at the RAFW.

Therese Rawsthorne SS10/11 Collection

What captured my inquiring mind and curiosity were the shoes in this collection by Tristian Blair with a silver bangle around the ankle infusing the extremely wearable pieces consisting of blazers with embellished cut leggings the palette inspired by the desert and dry textures, with hand knits, washed cottons and silks of nude, blood red and black.

// Sonny Vandevelde 


Australian design duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales created the label Romance was Born 5 years ago after becoming friends studying fashion together at East Sydney Technical College. The SS10/11 dinosaur inspired theme mollified throughout all the quirky accessories, make-up and hair with the form of masks, bodices and colourful neck pieces. Pauly Bonomelli created the jewellery and accessories sculpted from crystallized Swarovski and metals. One of the highlights of this collection was the lucite-heeled print boots and heels, a collaboration with Terry Biviano and this year’s artist collaboration was with Kate Rhodes.

//Sonny Vandevelde

Themes - Nail Slut, Snake Guts, Volcano Girl, and Dino Slut


The mischief of Ksubi helps bring a street trendy casual flavour and this collection brought some sexy mesh and panelled body suits and the funkdafied white denim shorts and cross-over pants and the usual combo of denim from Skinny's to straight, ripped, teared and painted and graffiti styled Tee's. 

// Marie Claire 

Those Tee's above would be perfect to hide my un-toned arms in the summer hahaha as well as complimenting any denim outfit.