Nick Gentry Floppy Disk Paintings

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I still have dozens of outdated floppy disks laying around the garage and study room, If I recall watching some random T.V show, they had divulged in the idea of using Floppy disks as tea coasters as a great way of recycling an item. Now I did for second ponder the idea of it, but in all honesty, I couldn't imagine a floppy disk placed on the coffee table or sofa armchair and add to that I don't really drink tea or coffee. So I thought that's it! I'm binning them! Now Obviously Nick Gentry thought of no such thing! Nick felt

"Reusing objects can negate the need for waste, with a new function that also often has more charm than that of the original. Seeing art produced in this way can encourage a more creative approach to everyday objects that are deemed to be obsolete or useless. What brings the overall concept to life is that blend of the nostalgic and familiar, together with the freshness of a new form of expression". 

In summary Mr Gentry has brought about a whole new movement of creating floppy disk paintings and leaving artistically handwritten labels often left to show through. What I like about this, its using 80's and 90's media format, bringing  a nice nostalgic sense to the piece combined with beautiful illustrations.