MissDIOR Couture

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Elzna Stirna of MissDIOR Couture blog, continuously creates aesthetically alluring fashion collages, that simply I feel would compliment any fashion magazine out there. They always inspire me to create some of my own using Photoshop and whatnot, but then I call to mind how self destructive I can be with any Art or creative project that I undertake without a given deadline or monetary value. I wish I could utilise my mini novice easel, take it to the outdoors and sit at peace with a canvas, but I don't have the inner calm or the patience.

Feel free to meander at MissDior Coutures blog to see the rest of her creative collages.

Delightedly it would seem no more dodging raindrops for this coming weekend, perfect moment for some Al Fresco dining, and to visit a heritage park for the Tudor Festival. Have a smashing content-full weekend Everyone!