Vogue Korea May 2010

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The product of my obsessions include but not only confine to, colour schemes, house decorating Magazines, Vintage, history of architecture, fashion & life, fiddling around with the settings on the D-SLR'S, Local, National going ons, Art Illustration, bonzai trees and Japanese water garden landscapes, foreign souvenir collection, World Cinema, film votary or anything vulpine and curiously experimental in Artificial Stupidity or ANYTHING as much use as a hedgehog in a condom factory.

Barring that babble, I have never commented on what a MONDO of a sports fan I am, of Football (soccer to the U.S) Tennis, Cricket and anything else I can get to grips with, It's mostly spectating, because playing doesn't bode well, unless I want to amuse myself and others......When I came across this VK editorial with the sport theme, it occurred to me, just how sports free this blog is and I probably haven't shared with you what sort of things make this hyena pulsate in life.

So I have decided to update this blog with all the happenings going on in Football with Liverpool Football Club & Derby County FC and Tennis with Rafael Nadal and co the next time I watch them play. . . just jesting! It has been an ordeal of a football season anyway, and I am now looking forward to forgetting it and moving my thoughts onto the World Cup in South Africa, I wont be going this time round, so look forward to enjoying that period of time soaking up the carnival atmosphere her in England.

On the subject of obsessions, I have been rinsing this song by Hurts on my playlist.


Hyori is photographed with Jeremy Scott shoes, she’s also wearing clothing and accessories from Christos by Amsale, David Yurman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bulgari, Juicy Coutoure, Fendi, Dior, Jamie&Bell, Kang Hee Sook, Jardin de Chouette, Ann Demeulemeester, Missoni, Ash, Repetto, Amsale and Gucci.

It will be likely I wont be updating this blog until the end of this week, I have decided to go on a trip up north and visit some friends and just Live instead of Exist! much love to you all and have a great week and weekend folks! εïз