Spray On Hair Squarrose

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Hérissé Coulée of HAIR 

Maurizio Fantini Unusual, exciting and risky something that I am always drawn to, until I am at the hairdressers and being persuaded and talked out of the hair cut or colour I want. Many are naturally protective of their hair style length and colour, but its something I have never felt apprehensive about. If the hair cut or colour goes wrong or doesn't suit, I'll just don a few hats during the period, or fasten on a hair wig I have stored in my room. 

When I do have an idea or style in mind, I am very focused to get the idea across to my hairdresser and have the desired look and outcome, so in my reckoning in that sense I am not completely care free about my hair, but if the outcome is not something I pleased with or cant really pull off, I feel I am only to blame for conjuring up an unconventional idea.