Maria Doychinova - In Comment Collection

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A boon of bijou from Austria turns up in my inbox in the form of Maria Doychinova a Vienna based designer and Native Bulgarian, who has gained valuable skills working with Roland Mouret and Hussein Chalayan before founding her own label named DOYCHINOFF in 2006.

Maria's latest collection called In Comment, has quite a fascinating profound concept behind the unique clothing style, symbols themselves can provoke an ideology and concept, Maria saw how there are many people wearing t-shirts with signs like RED ARMY and other various symbols and pondered whether the people wearing these symbols understood what the symbols meant, most people she encountered didn't pay particular attention to what type of symbols they were wearing and the ideology behind them. Some explained they wouldn't wear a specific type of symbol due to certain connotations. 

Maria's collection is a venture into exploring the political power that symbols can play and to view how people react to political symbols and whether these symbols still have any power today. The collection, evokes a feeling of interplay of aesthetic sharply distinguished feminine outline style of straight lines and pleats infused with political emblems. My personal favourite is the first image of the crisp white feminine lined pleated Rilon Dress. 

Maria expresses her ideas wholesome through this funkdafied enticing collection, her collection and future collections will surely please those whom appreciate artistic fashion operandi.