Alexander Mcqueen Puma Wedge ○ Yumumu

"Alexander Mcqueen", "Puma", "Yumumu", "shoes"Guilty Hyena5 Comments

I would like to think I could be a SMIDGE of a sophistic-at when It comes to putting one step forward & another with some tasty high heels on, but it seems that's just not included in my genetic make-up! But wedges overall for the past year have been a god send! I have discovered I am capable of walking on the shiny (slippy) glossy floors, even on a wet rainy day! 

The Alexander McQueen Puma black elevate wedges would be perfecto, for those half sport but chic moments and combine them with some white knee high socks and I'm hyena happy :) These were on sale at OAK but seem to have sold out.


YU, MU, MU is mandarin for 'Rain, Wood, Wood' YUMUMU, a fashion label based in Singapore by Yilin Lu, dresses are the staple for Yumumu's wardrobe and designs are produced in small quantities to ensure their uniqueness.Their elemental nature echoes the undated appeal of the designs. Her passion for ‘moulding, draping and sculpting garments that bring alive the peculiarities of the wearer, drawing her inspiration not from fleeting trends but shifting ideas that are often overlooked'. The first image above, from the collection reminds me of a delicate piece of origami.