Ring Horned Student Liberty

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My room is a agglomeration of mess!.... a mound of clothes thrusting against my wardrobe doors, I have never been one for neatly picking out an outfit the night before and having it ironed and neatly folded ready to be worn for the next day, the only time I have ever done this, was for my first day at high school! The most prep I have ever done since then is, is to subconsciously imagine a rough guide to what I could wear. the night before, The trouble is some of them items I imagine don't live in my wardrobe but are neatly hanging in some boutique or department store. 

Anyhow these photo's taken by Gianni Mosella are called slug passion and the rooms have a curiously scrambled expressive charm to it, evidently this room is not spic and span, but has a ambience of liberty and filled with free spirited expression.

My room looks nothing like this! when its a mess,it is simply a mess and nothing more! no expression of liberty just an expression of dishevelled disorder, sadly. 


Some of you may already be aware of Jennifer Behr's previous accessories collections, her signature headbands have been worn + adorned plenty by Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf and her collection has a healthy dose of studs gems spikes and other tasty embellishments. Her bridal collection would on the nose add a touch glint and glamour to the day. 

I unequivocally have botheration wearing headbands, as to plenty of the time, my hair lacks volume and planting a headband on top would just seem I've suppressed my hair to thin vermicelli, but I would still smack my lips together and snap up these hair couture chandeliers.    

This 23-karat gold-plated silver ring set from Maison Martin Margiela will give all your urban looks an Acapulco gold directional twist. Wear them across your fingers for a nod to the avant-garde. Or hint hint to your other half, Feb 14th not long away!! To the price of £185 valentine pounds. mmmmh would have to skip the dinner + the chocolates + flowers.