Head Spinning Jeremy Scott + Anna Sui + Proenze Schouler Fall 10/11

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The Real Mr. HeadHood Please Stand Up?


Strong catchy golden beats, I can always expect J.Scott to bring jewel encrusted, glitzy clothing, you just can tell that Jeremy has fun with his designs. The higher the hair, the closer to heaven it would seem. It’s always a hoopla to add something a little eccentric and quirky to your wardrobe, and that is exactly what this collection brings.

Doctor Frame shaped handbag's are a weak spot of mine, they make for a timeless classic ladylike look. I own two doctor frame shaped handbags by Valentino, and when one needs to feel more of a sophisticated contessa, I choose and take my Valentino handbag with me. The

Anna Sui

bags below would add to my collection, but I know really the two handbags I have are enough, but the golden embroidered brown bag below is still very tasty to look at.

New York Fashion Week all wrapped up today, and I have yet to have a look see on all the collections so far this time round, I will probably savour them for when I have a few moments. Its always fun to match some of the runway style to the high street and boutiques. I know some can feel runway couture is unattainable, I use them as inspiration and I think its good for the soul to dream of unattainable amazing items, although indeed at times can feel like torture!


The most remember-al element comes to mind with this collection are the Baby doll dresses, strategically placed cut-out detailing and geometric patterns teamed up with black tights. Along with the palette of blue and white prints.