Hotel Gluttony

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Ilove, as in gluttony, pleasure is a matter of the utmost precision Drinking and eating in excess is always accused of gluttony, taking me back to Joey from friends unwilling to share food with anyone! But likeable nonetheless...I wouldn't mind being accused of Hotel Gluttony, although if I wore the mask below I would be a glutton for punishment with my recent dismal eyesight , due to probably staring at the computer screen for too long because of work.

Although Lady Gaga had no problem wearing her mask commissioned by H Gluttony itself to wear the captivating mask for in the dark photo shoot for Vogue Hommes Japan. Hotel Gluttony is an 'elegant erotic powerful and delicate jewellery and art', described by the chief designer of Hotel Gluttony, who also worked at Yoshika Creation Paris a well liked creative jewellery brand in Tokyo.Here are some of my best loved designs from Hotel Gluttony or go here to more designs from there blog

When I look at these I cant get the movie Saw out of my head, all though the items have a certain delicacy of art about them.