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Beseech these lovely nape adornments, I sporadically come across interviews with independent designers, and I find myself inquisitively fascinated with the person behind the cosmos creations, I find it is one of the main elements in buying handmade objects, the personal touch behind the product. That's why I decided to Interview the individual behind these lovely jewellery adornments called Christy Brinegar for Seena Design,my first victim in the Hyena Den and decided to have a peep behind the cloak and to quiz this talented designer Drape your purest feelings on the nape of a precious lover 

Was there a specific moment where you remember falling in love with creating jewelry?

I was living in Hollywood and becoming depressed by the minimalism happening in the Fashion industry.  I wanted to contribute to the personalization of minimalism in garments, and found inspirations among some of the top tier designers who turned to the exaggeration of accessories to embellish the most simple garments.  I went to fashion school, and took many sewing classes, but it has never been my strong point.  I discovered that I operate on a much more three dimensional, sculptural level, which made my transition into accessories easy.  I found that building accessories was a natural process for me, and fell in love with it.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration all over the place.   Everything from a pretty sky scape, to a gorgeous dress in a window.  Sometimes a specific piece of materials I have will inspire me.  Often, I find that I start a piece with one idea, but the piece will grow in it's own direction, and I just end up following.  I believe that there is beauty all around, you just have to know how to find it. 

What is your favourite making technique and why?

My primary technique is to drape a piece directly on a body and start from there.  For me, it is almost impossible to make something from a two dimensional form into a three dimensional object.  I love seeing a piece come to life on a body; for me, that is my favorite technique.

What are your best-selling items?

Thus far my most popular pieces have either been on the more commercially friendly level (typically smaller pieces) or on the extremely grand scale (the most extravagant).  I've found that I either need to design BIG, or design more conservatively.  There doesn't seem to be much demand for the middle ground.

As a jewellery designer, what sense of fulfillment do you gain from your work?

I find fulfillment in providing the wearer with a piece that they will really love.  Each piece I design is intended to speak specifically to one person, with a strong emphasis on personal style and individuality.  For me, if I can contribute to a persons individuality and personal expression, that is the biggest reward.

Where can we find out more about you and your work?

My work is featured in multiple stores in California, at Topaz Boutique in Cambridge MA, and at Enne Ennequattordici in Milan Italy.  

If anyone wants to request a custom made piece what is the best way to contact you? What process do you go through with your customers who want custom-made pieces? Should they send a written description, sketches, etc? 

I participate in the Alchemy program in Etsy, and am very open to taking requests for custom items.  In the past, I have had the luxury of working directly with customers in one on one environment.  I now collaborate with clients both online and over the phone.  The more information they can provide to me about what they want, the better.  Photographs, descriptions, sketches, or inspirations are all things that aid my creative process.  To date in my career, I have created custom bridal veils, bridal accessories, tulle boas, necklaces, head pieces, bracelets, earrings and belts for customers.  It's one of my favorite parts of the job, designing with specific people in mind.

Thanks to Christy for taking the time to be interviewed,and you can browse Seena Designs here at ETSY