Glamour Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello

"Dolce Gabbana", "Editorial", "photography"Guilty Hyena2 Comments

I have a warm snug faux fur throwover/blanket on my bed, and its my comfort blanket during the winter,  the array of snuggly fur coats of the images below make me feel all warm and protected. I have two fur coats, and once I  fix and repair the busted camera I have, I will put the photo's of them up. They are both brown, and really do love them during winter, the only downside is their so damn heavy to wear! but hey maybe I get some sort of workout in them I don't know. Cardinally the fur I own is always Faux Fur!!  

Beruphoto The arrange of colour of fur in this editorial are mouthwatering and those shorts!! in the fourth image are salivating and alluring they look so comfy to wear. Is it wrong of me to want to stroke those shorts!?!