Ripped Torn Acidic Denim Jeans Trend 09/10

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Acid wash. Stirrups .Shreds. Bell bottoms. High waisted. Checkers. Lace. Skinny leg. Hip huggers. Cut-offs.

KSUBI S/S 2009 collection

Ksubi collection is the ticket and the ticket to raid my hyena purse and pennies. This collection is really inspiring using various mix of denim techniques you got the dye, shredded and spray on look. My favourite is the black lace. Although this is slightly on the steep end, its a good investment right!

Siwy Denim's Collection- Elle Argentina

Balmain has kept the denim rips and shredding more subdued in this collection. A far more practical and a lot more wearable. Those tailored structured jackets make it the whole enchilada.

The Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 These Dolce & Gabbana's  new jeans are literally silk lined - hooking a distressed look that screams I am the Acapulco gold, the linings offer you a smooth feeling, you could really dress this up or down however you hyena please.If only these jeans were available for females, it would go hyena hand in hand with a Panama Hat dome piece.