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HYENA Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I feel I need to change my hair as frequent as changing my socks, changing colour, volume, texture and sometimes not wanting to have a bad hair day. The only way I can guarentee a good hyena hair day is a pure and simple wig. I have started investing in wigs, my favourite being a bob wig with thick fringe or bangs with added highlights. I dont mind if it does look slightly wigish, my limit is not to go far as a 10 on the richter scale to extreme fancy dress gear, making Lady Gaga look dull. If I dont have a wig, these are some of the hairstyles and colour I would change to.


Sun kissed hairstyle hyena wish, wispy textured twirl caramel higlights. Basking in the soothing sun, not without the sunscreen. If only I could magically transform my hair to this.


The use of Hair color, used in a more funky way.

Headliner colors, Tressa Xtremers haircolor do a fab job. Even Americas Sweetheart Julia Roberts was sporting bright pinkish highlights. Need to start changing my hair pallete. Using the picasso colors?