{Runway} New York Fashion Wk ○ SS13

3 Oct 2012

Proenza Schouler
I'm feeling the industrial-inspired hardware closure clasp's on the fore of the Proenza shoulder bags, At first sight, I did think it was a whistle, yep I blame my poor eyesight. The angular sculpted heels can look pretty groovy on those summer nights out. 

Backstage -Proenza Schouler

Too many P's to mention in the Spring Summer 2013 Proenza collection - Plethora of Perforated leather and Patchwork Python and Photo Print. Vibrant colors of key lime, tangerine and cerulean. The handbags were my highlight.
Louise Goldin

The architectural silhouette and layers calls to mind the uniforms on a starship voyager, a space age sporty vibe, that included crisp whites along with sandy gold, brown and cobalt blue and teal color theme. The metallic accents look cosmic.

○Michael Kors
Tasty accessories alert, I gotta say, I am doting on most of the transparent items.
Anna Sui

Romantic trim edged printed dresses, a homage to Madeleine Castaing, a French designer and interior decorator, with a punk rock chic twist of fishnets to leather. Elaborate statement jewel, bead, cameos seashells and choker accessories. The pointed corners of the sunglasses are decorated with flowers, my highlight are the cat ear-shaped embellished hats decorated with lace and beads.  

The dragon ear cuffs look super, there's many on the high street right now, would like to get my paws on one.

I've been faffing around lately, now I am playing catch-up posting the London, Milan Paris and Fashion week, I seem to do this every season! Particularly since the latter fashion weeks have me more regaled.

Photos courtesy of Sonny Vandevelde + Vogue + Gobackstage 


  1. Love the M Kors accessories, minimal chic. The new Proenza bags look fab!!

    Your posts are so visually appealing, great detail on the collections. Xx

  2. the proenza shoes are fab! really liking louise goldin collection

  3. That tambourine bag is drool worthy<3


  4. I lovelovelove Proenza Schouler. They always have the best bags.

    Don't worry -- I won't be gone for too long! I am simply going in a different direction. Not sure where just yet ... We'll find out!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. Great post! Love the Proenza Schouler shoes and bags :)


  6. I have always loved Anna Sui, she's amazing.

    And gosh, do I love those Proenza bags!

  7. Wow! I am loving it all! Too many great details to choose a favorite ;)


  8. amazing detail shots.. loving it all.. especially proenza... they did it again!

  9. Oh, I love these bright accessories, they are amazing!

  10. Your blog is beautiful and I´m following you now. Hope you will follow me too!

  11. So many beautiful goodies! I will say that my favorite are the Proenza bags. Once upon a time, I was a handbag girl. And I would most definitely go ga-ga over details like that!

  12. I am really digging the industrial-inspired hardware!!!

  13. Ooohh... I'm crushin' on these beautiful bags.

  14. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing!:)

    Xx pauline



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