Baker Days: Letterbox Cake Review

20 Sep 2012

Small enough to slip through a letterbox, but large enough to celebrate the big occasions 

I buy all my greeting cards online and prefer to personalise them, and send them directly to the recipient, without having to leave the house. But I've often wondered ' wouldn't it be great if you could slip a cake through a letterbox like you can with a card!? ' without leaving the house, it could be a perfect remedy for last minute gift/cake buying?! Turns out Baker Days have done just that! Yay!  

Courtesy of Baker Days I was sent the letterbox cake that I personalised via the online store options, the cake had arrived through the letterbox, my postman, decided to attach the small sturdy A5 box with a pile of letters with an elastic band. Here I began to think the cake could arrive a little roughhoused, but my fear was completely unfounded. The cake arrived, well packaged in a pretty stripey tin, along with some fun party goodies seen above.  

I chose the all congratulations perfect evening cake, with Madeira sponge, once I sampled the cake it tasted lovely light and moist, beneath the not too sweet and sickly icing, better than most store buy products, it is large enough to serve 3-4 people at a push.

Above all, I am impressed with the surprise factor this gift would bring. No one in their right mind would assume a personalised cake along with balloons, candles, card and tooter could arrive through the letterbox along with their letter bills and correspondence.... until now! I give my hyena howl of approval :) 


  1. How adorable! I really like this idea. It would certainly be a great surprise for someone.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Love it! Will send to my BF on saturday. Thanks!

  3. That is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing

    Love Storm

  4. Saying your blog is the best is an understatement.

    1. Thanks for the love, you are very kind Jade!! :) xx

  5. This is such a beautiful, extraordinary idea, I totally love it!

    xxx, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  6. loved the idea!


  7. best idea ever! way to source this out, wish they had something like that in Canada, it's a terrific idea! what a result yours is, i adore the themed design you chose. nice one!! ♥

  8. What a sweet idea! I wonder if they have anything like that here. It's such a nice gesture and would leave such a great impression! Thanks for always stopping by! I know I've been MIA around these parts lately, but hopefully, that will change soon. BTW - I'm going to be in London in two weeks! Any chance we may be able to meet up? :) Let me know!

  9. Yay! how exciting!! a visit to the Big Smoke! cheers hun for letting me know, I'm currently based up North, I won't be anywhere near London then, bummer! But would love to hear all about your trip to London! xx



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