Colorific Brows

24 Apr 2012

To the hair colour chameleons, would you consider experimenting with color on your eyebrows ? 

It may not be surprising that colour has migrated to the eyebrows, there's abundance of different colour for lips, mascara, eye-liner & hair, so are eyebrows a swing too far? Could be yeah! but that's a not a bad thing in my book, pushing the boundaries and being individual is a quality I admire. 

Speaking for myself, I would not be able to pull off coloured eyebrows. Randomly enough I feel compelled to conjure up the image of Spock with Vulcan upward pointed coloured eyebrows ? His eyebrows were always a trademark as well as his pointed ears.

Leutton Postle backstage image courtesy of Krisatomtic CQQUSD4YJRQC


  1. I so totally love it! i like the gradient light blue pastel brows.

  2. I love this<3


  3. They are fun! But even if I've been through all the rainbow with my hair I don't think I would pull them off... xx

  4. I think it does look cool, but there are very few people who can actually pull this off, me not being one of them :(

  5. You have a very nice looking and inspiring blog girl!:) Just saw the link love you gave a while ago. Super sweet. Thank you so much!

  6. i love the eyebrows but i dont think i would be daring enough :p

  7. This is something I’ve never tried _ I think I would play around with this trend inside my house, taking it out on the streets would be brave!!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, through my blog I want to inspire people and make them think of how wonderful the world really is. I love nature and I try to share it with lovely readers like you. Thank so much for dropping by :)

  8. I think it looks great! Not sure that I would be able to pull off such a bold look, but why not? :)



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