Tasty things No.1

5 Mar 2012

My first tasty things issue No.1- the kind of post which 'A stitch in time saves nine.' pressed for time, but can't bear not to share.  

Row 1 :

 claw boot by friend of mine over at need supply co

wine flooring texture designed by parador 

spoon meets chopsticks designed by Aïssa Logerot at lateteaucube

Row 2 :

 pére juice packaging identity design by craig pinto  

hush soft chair designed by freyja sewell 

you & i by mario winans clinton sparks ft berra at sharebeast

Row 3 :

grab some scenic views and relaxation in one at hot tub boats 

for the ones who want the right measures bread spoons designed by niels datema

the satirical mapping stereotypes illustrated by Yanko tsvetkov at alphadesigner 


  1. yay can’t wait to check it all out. thanks for sharing !

  2. Beautiful selection, I love the way you've done this!! Hot tub boat sounds deluxe!!

  3. Clever name and layout! looking forward for many more issues of Tasty things :) The hot tub boat sounds awesome! They come up with the greatest things!

  4. freaking out about the claw boot..waiting for it to go on sale.

    the last one is funny !!

  5. ooh i love the layout of this post :3

  6. the stereotype map is hilarious (:



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