Sweet Tooth Tango

7 Mar 2012

These little sweet treats were a hit at my sisters birthday tea, we indulged our sweet tooth to the size of an elephant’s tusk ! and washed it down with our favourite peach and strawberry bellini. Birthdays are an excellent excuse to bring in some cupcakes chocolate truffle cake & french macarons, but having problems with transport that week and not able to go out of town to get to my usual patisserie, I stumbled upon Cameo Cupcakes who deliver right to your door. They proved to be quite ideal and now that I know I have the convenience that they deliver to my door... I'm sure I wont able to resist when a chance arises ! 

I could do with learning the art of baking ! someday huh! ... 


  1. Those look delicious :) I have been craving macaroons!!

  2. I have a sweet tooth too, I still have never had macaroons before but they always look so very delicious! making or buying soon!!!

    how cute those are! the mini little champagne glass bubble things.


  3. Yum! I LOVE French Macaroons! I take special trips downtown just to get a couple! but so pricey, I am partial to a cupcake too :) glad to see they went down a treat at your sis bday.

    kinda thirsty.. a Bellini right now would be great. ;)

  4. Cupcake delivery service sounds fantastic! I need some champagne and macarons right now. I have a craving for something sweet all the time.

  5. What a fantastic way to celebrate! Everything looks absolutely delicious! Your sister is gorgeous! But where are you? We need to see more photos of you, my dear! No lurking behind the lens :)

  6. awwwwww party and cakes! wowowow!

  7. what a beautiful shoot:X they are sooo sweeettt

  8. OOh congrats to your sister haha And I agree with what Maddy said (:
    Also, love the pictures, seems like you had a very classy party (;



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